Animal welfare is a priority for Farmfoods. All our suppliers meet or exceed all UK regulations for animal welfare and are visited by senior members of our team to confirm these standards are in place.

In order for maximum transparency and inclusivity, where a Farmfoods product is sourced from a Halal certified production facility, we mark the product as Halal. There is no compromise to our welfare standards. Including in Halal certified products, Farmfoods only sources meat that has been stunned before slaughter to minimise animal suffering and all slaughter processes are carried out under supervision of an independent government approved vet.

Farmfoods products carrying a Halal mark are suitable for consumers who do not follow any particular dietary regime, but may not be suitable for consumers following a diet that specifically prohibits consumption of Halal slaughtered meat.

Full certification details can be obtained by scanning the QR code on the back of relevant products.